torsdag 14. februar 2013

Smile Maker

by Carl Johnson

Today I’ll make a smile.
It will grow on someone’s face.
It may take me a while
To find the proper place.

But I feel good this morning.
So good I’d like to share,
Just spread it without warning,
Throw it ‘round me everywhere.

Something about the sunrise,
The colors, red and gold,
Painted happiness on my eyes,
Made me confident and bold.

A morning bird sang for me,
To give my heart a lift.
I accepted gratefully
Kind Nature’s generous gift.

Outside my window I saw a boy
Laughing while he played.
There could be nothing so full of joy
In this Creation that God made.

So if I don’t pass a heartfelt smile
To everyone I see,
In just a very little while,
I’ll burst with ecstasy.

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