fredag 1. mars 2013

Barn charm.

Old Norwegian barn, near Mo i Rana
There is something about old barns and houses.
In a way they speak to me. Like they want to tell me the Story.
Since I was a little girl, I have been looking at them.
Taking lot of photos during lots of years.
They give me joy and happiness, and also sadness.
Sadness because I know, that one day, they will be gone.That is a pity.Taking care of them is important. Because they telling us a story about how people lived before.

Walking around taking photos, is my joy. Give me the ability to think, admire, wonder, give me reflections, recreation
Give me peace and harmony.

My only wish.
Think, if all of theese old barns, and houses been taking care of.

I am a member of Fortidsminneforeningen in Norway.
Taking care of memories from the past.

Mo i Rana


Rognan, Fauske

                                 Velfjorden, Norway

I want to cry when I see this.

For potatos and vegetables during the Autumn, Winter and Spring



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